Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teatime for Sean Hannity: A Double Dactyl

Thanks to some loony right wingers who have planned a tax protest against Obama, I now know the definition of the term “teabagging.” I was clueless as to what it meant when I first heard clips of folks like Sean Hannity using the term on FOX and when I read news about the planned “teabagging” of the White House on the Internet. Well, now I know what “teabagging” means. Can’t say I was excited to add that new term to my vocabulary. I can guarantee you this: I will NEVER use it in polite company. Heck, don’t think I’ll ever find the need to use it!

Here’s my double dactyl about Sean Hannity who has been one of the folks on FOX who’s been promoting the Tea Bag Parties planned for April 15th. He’ll be down in Georgia today to participate in a “teabagging” celebration in Atlanta. I hope he remembers it's BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag).

Sean (Moron) Hannity
Proves he’s an idiot
Nightly on FOX...

Blathers 'bout teabagging
Parties and taxes. He's
Totally (scrotally)
Dumb as an ox.

From ThinkProgress: FreedomWorks Orchestrates ‘Grassroots’ Movements To Serve Dick Armey’s Corporate Clients

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David Shuster: GOP "Going Nuts" For Teabagging, But They "Need A Dick Armey"
Olbermann clobbers Fox sponsorship of tea bag parties
"Tea Bagging" Rallies Ruthlessly Mocked On Maddow Show


  1. First of all, EEWWWWWW.

    Second of all, brilliant rhyme on the third line, second stanza. (all things considered)

    Third of all, do these folks need a 4th grade government lesson to remind them of all the things their tax dollars fund?!?!?!? There wouldn't even BE fourth grade in a public school if it weren't for tax dollars.

    Don't get me started...

  2. Mary Lee,

    EEWWWWWW is right! From what I've read Dick Armey and some right wing groups were behind the push for the big Tea Party Day--in addition to FOX. Thank you, Rick Santelli, for giving people the idea

    Obama hasn't raised the taxes of these folks. Taxes pay for a lot of services that people would miss if they weren't provided by government.

    I do understand why people get frustrated when their tax dollars are wasted.

  3. I was just browsing your older posts when I came across this one, but I wanted to point out that it's those on the left that keep using the very rude term "teabaggers" in reference to those Tea Party going folks, who are merely exercising their right to peaceful protest. I heard Rachel Maddow use the term the other day, but I guess it shouldn't surprise me because she's usually rather nasty.