Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Poem That Could Have Been Written by Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh blames health care problems on “exercise freaks” (Political Irony: Humor and Hypocrisy from the World of Politics, June 13, 2009)

Who else but Rushbo would claim that folks who exercise are the people putting stress on our health care system? Check out the following video.

Here's a little poem I began writing last month after I first heard Rushbo spouting off about "exercise freaks" on his radio program.

Bah Humbug Exercise: A Poem That Could Have Been Written by Rush Limbaugh
by Elaine Magliaro

Don’t walk. Don’t run. Don’t exercise.
‘Tis better to have flabby thighs.

Indulge your mammoth appetite.
Take pride in mounds of cellulite.

I love my flabby rotund belly
That shakes just like a bowl of jelly.

Give me pork rinds. Give me meat
Ribbed with fat. That’s what I eat!

Give me French fries, donuts, bacon.
Obama, quit your bellyachin’

About us folks that you call “Fatty.”
Go stuff your face with a ten-pound patty!!!

Addendum: Rush has been slimming down in recent months. Maybe he does believe that being overweight isn’t good for one’s health. Check out this brief article: Rush Limbaugh's Weight Loss - Quick and Confusing (From That’s Fit, July 31, 2009).


  1. Funny! I myself believe (not really) that exercise contributes to global warming--think of all that carbon dioxide being breathed out by joggers!

  2. Charlotte,

    You say that too loudly and some people might begin thinking that people exercising IS another one of the causes of global warming!

    After all, there are a couple of congressmen who think cows are a major contributor to climate change.

  3. I'm SO PROUD to be part of the problem (according to his definition)!!

  4. Mary Lee,

    Who else would blame the problems of our health care system on people who exercise? The man IS a piece of work, isn't he? A BIG, non-exercising piece of work!

  5. It seems there is so much hate for the cable network that really has brought some light to what is going on with the fall of our country. I may not agree with all that I have heard but at least I am hearing some things that gravely worry me about all the stimulus bills and now health care that must be passed quickly without we the people knowing what is in these bills. Pretty weird. We the people have a right to know both sides and we certainly are not getting both sides from the major networks.