Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paean to a Bovine Beauty

From Jonathan Turley’s blog (September 24, 2009):
In Defense of Man-Cow Relations: New Jersey Judge Drops Charges Against Police Officer for Having Sex with Cows On the Grounds That They May Have Enjoyed It

Some true stories are just so bizarre that they inspire me to write poetry.

Paean to a Bovine Beauty

I’m in love, I’m in love
With a creature divine…
A ruminant fair.
How I wish she were mine.
She’s a sweet, lowing voice.
She’s got limpid brown eyes.
She swishes her sleek tail
At hovering flies.
She’s a beauteous bovine,
A cow of great charm.
I’ve been trying to court her
Out here on the farm.


  1. Mary Lee--

    This was just one of the really weird stories I've read at Professor Turley's blog. Sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction.

  2. Weird story. But a great poem!

  3. Jennie & Jama--

    I get lots of poetic inspiration from reading weird stories at Professor Turley's blog.

  4. This reminds me a bit of the episode in Jim Jarmusch's NIGHT ON EARTH where Roberto Benigni is talking about his little sweetheart sheep ("Bah-bah-bah...) and gives the priest in the back seat of his taxi a heart attack!

    Professor Turley is new to me - where have I been? I am adding his site now to my list of "Read this, but be prepared for human folly."

    Great poem, Elaine!

  5. Julie,

    I got hooked on Professor Turley's blog a couple of months ago. I've been inspired to write a number poems after reading some of the strange/funny/creepy stories he's posted about over there.