Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Teabagger Tea Party Post

From ThinkProgress (11/17/2009)
‘Teabagger’ was an Oxford Word of the Year finalist.
In February, when conservatives began protesting against President Obama with tea parties, the Washington Independent’s Dave Weigel photographed a protester carrying a sign that declared, “tea bag the liberal Dems before they tea bag you!!” Soon after, the term “tea bagger” became a ubiquitous and often derogatory handle for right-wing protesters. Now, Mediaite reports that the term “teabagger” was a finalist in consideration to be the New Oxford American Dictionary’s Word of the Year:

You can read the rest of the post here.

Tea Party Video with Benny Hill Theme

Ode to a Teabagger
by Atticus
(From a Democratic Underground Discussion Board, August 11, 2009)

Saliva dripping off your chin
Bulging eyes, maniacal grin
Handwritten misspelled sign in hand
Egged on by Rush, you “take a stand”.

As cameras roll, you scream and chant
Your sound-bite so the speaker can’t
Be heard at all. Your job is done
Didn’t even have to pull a gun.

You can read the rest of the poem here.

Here’s a link to a poem I wrote on the subject of teabagging last April: Teatime for Sean Hannity: A Double Dactyl


  1. Just saw this. Given that "teabagging" has a sexual meaning as well, I'm not sure it's the term I'd use, and the Atticus poem beginning with "saliva dripping off your chin" definitely took that poem to a potentially quite different place than was (perhaps) intended, although it's possible the double meaning was on purpose.

  2. Kelly--

    I didn't have a clue about the sexual connotation of teabagging until I checked it out on the Internet before I wrote the double dactyl about Sean Hannity.