Saturday, December 19, 2009

Healthcare Joe: A Clerihew about Joe Lieberman

Lieberman Socks (

Healthcare Joe

As for Lieberman, Joe?
That guy’s GOTTA go!
I need health insurance quick
Cuz Joe is making ME sick.

Poet Julie Larios has clerihews about Senators Joe Lieberman and Al Franken at her blog The Drift Record. Click here to read them.

From Headzup: Joe Lieberman Sees No Reason for Health Care Reform

From Headzup: Obama Quits, Cedes Presidency to Joe Lieberman


  1. Oh, Elaine. These are wonderful links, I think the sock puppet captures Lieberman perfectly. But I admit to being downhearted. Must recharge my batteries somehow about all this mess.

  2. Julie--

    You aren't the only person who is downhearted. Did you watch Bill Moyers Journal last Friday? He had a discussion about the proposed Senate health care bill with Matt Taibbi and Robert Kuttner.