Friday, February 5, 2010

Who Dat Hangin' at da Laundromat?

From Jonathan Turley’s blog: Flasher Identified By His Pronounced . . . Tooth (2/5/2010)

In what may be something of a disappointment for Ian Rushing, 27, women identified the Oregon man as the alleged “St. Helens Flasher” by his pronounced bad tooth.

Rushing is accused of grabbing women and exposing himself at the Cascade Cleaners in St. Helens. He also won the coveted award for “The Mugshot Most Likely To Be A Flasher.”

He is charged with public indecency, 3rd-degree sexual abuse and violating his probation.

You’ll find links to articles with more information here.


The story about the “St. Helens Flasher” inspired me to write the following Who Dat? verse for two voices:

Who Dat Hangin' at da Laundromat

Who dat hangin’ at da laundromat?
WHO dat? WHO dat?
Who dat rotten-toothed creepy cat?
WHO dat? WHO dat?

DAT man? DAT man?
Dat’s a pervert with no dental plan.
Dat’s da flasher with the silver van!
Dat man’s going to da county can.


  1. You never cease to amaze me with your versatile poetic style!

  2. Thanks, Mary Lee. Some topics seem to dictate the poetic styles in which they should be written.