Monday, October 25, 2010

Some News

FYI: I've been asked to be a guest blogger on Jonathan Turley's law blog next week.

In his post, Introducing Our New Guest Bloggers, today, Professor Turley wrote the following:

I am happy to report we will be implementing another one of your suggestions for improving the blog. Various people suggested a year ago that we have guest blogging to allow regulars a chance to make entries on the blog. With my upcoming speech in France, I thought it would be a great time to try this out for a week from October 31st to November 6th. I have selected three of our best known and most respected regulars: David Drumm (aka Nal), Elaine Magliaro (aka Elaine M) and Mark Esposito (aka Mespo).

You can read the rest of Professor Turley's post here.

You can read Jonathan Turley's biography here.


  1. ::quiet shriek::
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Elaine, you crazy woman! You're just, like, everywhere these days!

  2. Tanita,

    I got hooked on Jonathan Turley's blog over a year ago. We've had lots of interesting discussions about a wide variety of topics.

    How's the weather been across the pond?

  3. At the moment, we're having a cold snap like you wouldn't believe - hard frost every night - but some gloriously (cold) blue days. The rain WILL come back, though - it's one of those facts of Scotland.

  4. Tanita,

    My daughter and her husband spent a two-week honeymoon in Ireland in July. It rained nearly every day they were there. Still, they had a great time.

    My husband and I traveled through England and Scotland for three weeks during the summer of 1972. We had just one day of rain in all that time. I guess we were lucky.

  5. You're gonna be great -- know you won't disappoint. "Good luck" getting everything done.

    -anon nurse

    P.S. The books of poems will make great gifts.

  6. anon nurse,

    Thanks for your kind words. There are just so many stories to choose from for my guest blogging week. Things should settle down for me a bit after next Wednesday.