Friday, April 15, 2011

Guess Where Our Money Goes?: A Song Parody about the Fed Bailout for the Wealthy

Last week, I wrote a post for Jonathan Turley’s law blog titled FED UP!: A Post about Ben Bernanke, Senator Bernie Sanders, and the Bailout…with a Song Parody. I suggest you read that post and Matt Taibbi’s most recent Rolling Stone article The Real Housewives of Wall Street: Why is the Federal Reserve forking over $220 million in bailout money to the wives of two Morgan Stanley bigwigs? before you read my song parody below.

Guess Where Our Money Goes?

A Song Parody by Elaine Magliaro
To be sung to the tune of That’s Where My Money Goes…to Buy My baby Clothes

Guess where our money goes? Not where you might suppose!

It goes to millionaires with big yachts and grand chateaux.

They’re worth their weight in gold. The rest of us keep getting rolled.

Hey, hey! That’s where our money goes!

Bernanke is in the tank for Goldman Sachs and Citibank,

GE and Verizon, too. They got bailout funds—it’s true.

The Fed gave them lots of dough—tried to keep it a secret though.

Hey, hey! That’s where our money goes!

The rich keep getting more and more! It’s something that we should deplore.

Citizens should know about the money that Ben’s passing out.

Bernanke, it just ain’t fair. Main Street oughta get a share.

Hey, hey! That’s where our money goes!

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