Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sarah Palin's Swan/Duck/Goose Song

The waterfowl on Lake Lucille could be heard commenting in the background as Sarah Palin informed the media she would be stepping down as governor of Alaska.

Sarah Palin Resigns

Sarah Palin's Swan/Duck/Goose Song
by Elaine Magliaro

Hithery dithery dock,
I’m list’ning to Sarah P. talk.
Her thinking is muddled.
The geese are befuddled.
They’ve started to gather and squawk.

Hithering withering wits,
She’s sending the geese into fits.
They’re honkin’ and flappin’.
She’s breathless and yappin’.
They think that the gov is a ditz.

Hithery plithery pluck,
The geese are all running amuck
As the gov blathers on.
Ah, but soon she’ll be gone.
They’re so glad she won’t be a lame duck!

A Little Extra
From Jonathan Turley’s Blog--Palinotology: Sarah Palin States That, If President, She Would Be Protected By The “Department of Law”


  1. YES!!!

    Jane Yolen

  2. Jane & Laurie,

    Sarah Palin just doesn't seem to understand how she sets herself up for ridicule, does she? It would be interesting to read that resignation speech. What were her reasons for resigning??? Imagine her as VP of the US?

  3. "Hithering withering wits" sums her up pretty well.

  4. Jules,

    I'd say so. I couldn't have followed her resignation speech with a GPS!

  5. Brilliant, as usual, Elaine, and thanks again for summing up my own feelings about S.P. so well, and giving voice to them.

  6. In the era of a dumbed-down America, who better to represent the masses? This means she's planning to run for prez...well, lots more fodder for the comedians!

  7. Thanks, Elisa. I haven't been writing many snarky political verses lately--but S.P. rarely fails to spark poetical inspiration.

    Timoteo, I just hope we're beginning to wake up from our post 9/11 stupor. Don't know if I could take another presidential campaign with the likes of Sara P. and Joe the "so-called" plumber.

  8. Perfect, perfect, perfect! Score another one for Elaine!

  9. She really you peple scared doesn't she