Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dirty Dancing with the Stars: A Poem about Tom DeLay

Tom Delay on Dancing with the Stars

Jack Cafferty: When DeLay Goes To Prison They Can Show His Dancing Video To The Inmates (VIDEO)

'Crazier than Sarah Palin' Tom DeLay in precarious position on 'Dancing With the Stars'
by Elliott Olshansky Tuesday, September 22nd 2009, 4:00 AM

DeLay proves he’s no wild thing on ‘Dancing’ By Linda Holmes, contributor

Dirty Dancing with the Stars: A Poem about Tom DeLay
by Elaine Magliaro

He’s a “Wild Thing” that’s for sure!
Watch him dance across the floor.
“The Hammer” shakes his aging booty
While cha-cha-ing with a dark-haired beauty.

Wearing a sequined vest, silk blouse…
Dressed all in brown, this slick-haired louse
Looks like a feral chocolate bunny.
It’d sure be sad if it weren’t so funny!

Still a "Wild Thing" at his age,
Tom should be locked up in a cage…
And not out dancing with the stars—
But stuck behind some iron bars!


  1. How did I miss the fact that Tom DeLay was going to be on Dancing with the Stars? I came upon this post today, Elaine (fours days after the Monday airing) and thought it was a joke - I kept looking at DeLay and thinking the Saturday Night Live had gotten someone that REALLY looked like him and was just as physically creepy. I mean, truly, that man is creepy.

    Your poem is a knock out, of course, but this time around it wouldn't have taken more than a feather to knock me over. What on earth????!!!!

  2. Julie,

    I didn't watch Dancing with the Stars on Monday evening--even though I knew Tom Delay was going to be on. I'm a bit of a news junkie--so I try to keep up with everything that's going on in politics, etc. There was plenty of publicity about Tom being a contestant on the program. I caught a video of him shaking his booty and smiling like a snake oil salesman on the Internet. He is creepy--no doubt about it!

  3. Great poem, Elaine -- and unfortunately, I DID see Mr. DeLay Monday night -- gag. Ick ick ick. Problem is, he didn't get voted off this week so he'll be back next week. Heaven help us.

  4. Jama,

    I guess you had what's known as the "triple ick" reflex when watching Tom "The Hammer" dirty dancing on TV. Can't wait to see his next dance routine!