Monday, December 14, 2009

A Very Cheney Christmas

A Holiday Video from Headzup


    Hi Elaine, I followed the link and visited Yareah magazine to read your poems and enjoyed them all, though Winter Ballet was my favorite.
    The entire visit to Yareah was a plus for me because I enjoy arts and crafts and Yareah features and integrates a variety of them nicely. I couldn't believe my good fortune because I am familiar with and like Mike Smalley's ceramic work from seeing it featured in Ceramics Magazine. The use of one of his 'hero's', Agamemnon, (with its cool-white, wintry glaze) to complement your winter-themed poetry was an excellent choice. Your entire page was a very nicely done presentation by the designers. Thanks for the link.

  2. lottakatz,

    Thanks. I'm glad you stopped by. I haven't been writing as many verses for Political Verses lately because I spend so much time at the Turley blawg. Lots of interesting discussions over there--for sure.