Monday, April 6, 2009

Bill O.: A Rhyming Rant about Bill O'Reilly

Bill O.

Bill O., Bill O., Bill O’Reilly
Thinks he’s savvy, brilliant, wily…
Thinks his TV program rocks
'Cause he’s the ratings king at Fox!

He’s a blowhard; he's dogmatic.
His verbal cancer’s metastatic!
Bill O. likes to sputter, rant—
But when he’s wrong, he won’t recant.

Bill’s his own best adulator.
He's a pompous bloviator...
A smarmy, smug intimidator…
A nasty, vile expectorator
Of speech that’s meant to anger, rile.
He’s one great big bag of bile!!!

From Think Progress (March 23, 2009): I Was Followed, Harassed, And Ambushed By Bill O’Reilly’s Producer by Amanda Terkel

From the Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel (March 23, 2009): O’Reilly Ambushes His Latest Critic
Excerpt: Fox News host Bill O'Reilly (O'Reilly Factor, 3/23/08) recently aired the results of his latest ambush-style interview, which targeted Think Progress blog editor Amanda Terkel. Terkel had dared to point out that O'Reilly, who was invited to speak at a fundraiser for a foundation for rape survivors, had previously suggested that a "moronic" rape/murder victim had invited assault by her drinking and the way she was dressed.

Edited to Add:
John Cleese inspired by plight of Bill O'Reilly (On Countdown with Keith Olbermann)

Here’s an excerpt from Cleese’s poem:

Bill O'Reilly's No Spin Zone is rated highly
by his own beloved mother,
but no other.

Except that Bill for all his faults

still has one skill, a skill of sort:
He can amuse a true dull ox,
the dullest crayon in the box,
the kind of ox that watches Fox.


  1. C. McLoughlin ( 8, 2009 at 12:22 PM

    Ha! You've got B.O'R perfectly framed. Love that you're putting your poetry skills to use to highlight the hypocrisy that is Fox!
    Please put me in for your drawing ... can't get enough poetry!

  2. C. McLoughlin,

    Your name definitely will go into the basket from which I'll draw a winner's name on Sunday.

    Glad you liked the BILL O. poem!

  3. i think you got bill o. wrong.... he is harsh but just because you do not agree with him doesn't mean you have to throw him under the bus.