Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Poem about George Stephanopoulos by J. Patrick Lewis

Today, I have another poem for you written by one of my favorite children'spoets--J. Patrick Lewis.

J. Patrick Lewis

By J. Patrick Lewis

Psychophant sycophant
George Stephanopoulos
Traded dark secrets at
Washington’s door.

Now, for the love of those
Look who the little pimp’s
Calling a whore.

Reminder: I'll be giving away a copy of The World's Greatest: Poems, one of J. Patrick Lewis's books of light verse, as a poetry prize for the second week of National Poetry Month. All you have to do to be eligible for Sunday's drawing is to leave a comment at one of my posts dated April 5-11.

The World’s Greatest: Poems

Written by J.Patrick Lewis & Illustrated by Keith Graves


  1. Whoa!
    I tried reading this one out loud -- the tongue-twisting words scan so perfectly, and that punch at the end -- I like it! There's something so viscerally satisfying about using poetry to express a scathing opinion!

  2. Tanita,

    Your comment on Pat's poem is so well expressed--just like Pat's scathing opinion of George S.

  3. Pat, that's double wonderful, in a dactylic way. Here is a political clerihew for you, Elaine, and for Pat. It's called "A Clerihew in Praise of Chinese Take Home":

    George W. Bush and Laura
    might project a less white-bread aura
    if they would just eat kung pao
    every then and now.

  4. Julie,

    Thanks for the clerihew about Dubya and his missus. Clerihews and double dactyls are fun to read and write.

    I'd agree that Pat's poem is "double" wonderful.

  5. It's always a pleasure to find one's poem on indefatigable Elaine's website(s). (She never sleeps.) And thanks to you, too, Julie, for that deft Clerihew, which only serves to whet my appetite for your forthcoming holiday Clerihew (shhh).
    Brava! Pat

  6. Elaine (and Pat), it's more than momentarily stunning to read such a pointed, and pointedly adult, verse by a favorite children's poet!