Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GOING ROGUE: A Poem about Sarah Palin & Her Book

Sarah Palin's Memoir, 'Going Rogue,' to Hit Bookshelves Early (ABC News)

Palin's title: 'Going Rogue' (Politico)

‘Going Rogue’ (Laugh Lines Blog-New York Times)

Why Would Anyone Call Their Book "Going Rogue"? Answer Below. (Huffington Post)

Sarah Palin has been a great source of poetic inspiration for me. Here's a brand new Palinoem for you:

Going Rogue: A Poem about Sarah Palin & Her Book
by Elaine Magliaro

The queen of mavericks
Wrote a book.
She thinks her title’s
Quite a hook.

It’s clear to me
That “going rogue”—
To Sarah P.—
Is still in vogue.

She wrote a memoir.
What amazes:
The book has
Lots and lots of pages!

More than 400…
So they say.
I wonder:
Is her co-author
Tina Fey?


  1. Going Rogue is not usually seen as a good thing. But the niceties of language doesn't concern her overly much.

    *wonders if she considered calling her book Going Commando*

  2. Kelly,

    The niceties of language--as well as clarity, coherence, and sentence structure. "Going Commando" could also be an appropriate title for her book. After might consider her as having committed destructive attacks on the English language!

  3. You know she didn't write this herself--it was done by a ghost writer...she can't put two sentences together that make any sense. LOL

  4. Timoteo,

    From what I've read Palin chose Lynn Vincent to be her co-author. Evidently, Vincent is an editor with World Magazine, a Christian publication that offers a conservative viewpoint on issues.

    Palin's incoherent sentences rarely have a SUBJECT, a PREDICATE, and an OBJECT.