Monday, March 9, 2009

Campaign 2008 Poems

I decided I needed another blog where I could post all of my political verses. I usually write such verses when I become frustrated or upset--and feel like banging my head against a wall or pulling my hair out. I decided to vent through poetry, which I have found to be a fine way to rid myself of political angst. I'm not sure yet how often I'll be posting poems on this blog.

I wrote the following four poems last fall. My inspiration? Sarah Palin and Joe the unlicensed plumber. These poems were previously posted at my blog Wild Rose Reader.

Palinoem #1
Jeery Query

Lipstick on pit bulls and pigs?
Oh my!
Polar bears aren’t endangered?
Oh fie!
Drilling in animal refuges?
Shooting at wildlife from up in the sky?
“Abstinence only” for sex ed?
Huh? Why?
Creationism in science class at the high?
Earmarks for her state Alaska?
Aye, aye!
She said NO to that bridge!!!
And that isn’t a lie???

When I need to vent,
I go versify!

Palinoem #2
A Metaphorical Political Terse Tercet

If you're sailin'
with Palin
better start bailin'

Palinoem #3
Innuendo…and More
Sarah Palin Stumpin’ Along on the Campaign Trail

He pals around with terrorists!
He doesn’t love the USA.
He really isn’t one of US!
“Fer shur, fer shur,” that’s what I say.

His middle name’s Hussein, ya know.
How UN-American is that?
“Who is ‘that’ tall dark one?” you ask.
Why, he’s one black, elusive cat.

Who is Obama? Who is he?
He’s really not one of our kind!
He lived in Indonesia once…
Hawaii, too! Keep that in mind!

He won’t support our troops--oh no!
He’s not a patriot like me.
I’m just a down home country girl.
Heck, I’m a hockey mom, ya see.

Why, he’s elitist; I’m mainstream.
Ya know, I’m like the rest of you.
Gosh darn it, I’m no millionaire.
I know what y’all are goin’ through.

I’m a maverick reformer.
Oh, I’m a mighty Amazon.
My heels are on; my gloves are off.
I’m here to save the day for John.

Who’s on Board the Straight Squawk Express?
or Joe the Plumber Et Al
by Elaine the retired teacher

Joe the plumber,
Mack the Knife,
Hal the husband,
Val the wife,
Don the dentist,
Dick the doc,
Phil the farmer,
Hank the hawk,
Gail the grocer,
Ken the catcher,
Pat the daft
Police dispatcher,
Val the vet and
Babs the baker,
Chad the chocolate
Candy maker,
Al the actor,
Sal the singer,
Greg the guy
Who sniffs his finger,
Bud the butcher,
Mike the mayor,
Steve the hunky
Land surveyor,
Peg the pilot,
Bill the banker,
Nell the nightly
News-hour anchor,
Vic who drives
the old age van,
Rob the Roto-rooter man,
Will the waiter,
Gil the gilder,
Bo the brawny
Body builder
Ted the teacher,
Don the drummer,
George and Sarah--
Dumb and dumber…
Driving over
Hill and dale
Busy on
The campaign trail.

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