Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why Don't Women Like Rush Limbaugh?: A Rhyming Response

The EIB Network Female Summit (February 25, 2009)

Here is the beginning of the transcript:

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to do the Female Summit today, by the way. We will do the Female Summit in the third hour of the program today, and the reason we're going to do the Female Summit is Public Policy Polling in North Carolina published a national poll on your beloved host, El Rushbo. They found I've got 46% approval, 43% disapproval, but I got a huge gender gap. My gender gap between men and women is 31%. Thirty-one percent is the differential between male approval and female approval. So yesterday I said, "What can I do about this? What could be done? What is the explanation for this?"


Rush Limbaugh wants to know why women don’t like him. Since he wants an explanation, I, a member of the female gender, am happy to oblige him—in rhyming verse.

Why Don’t Women Like Rush Limbaugh?: A Rhyming Response
By Elaine Magliaro

Limbaugh, Limbaugh, cookies and cream,
Rush kissed the girls and made them scream.
He asked them if they’d like to play
But the feminazis ran away.

Limbaugh, Limbaugh, pudding and pie,
Ole clueless Rush couldn’t figure why
He didn’t rate with the “weaker” sex.
Maybe it’s 'cause he has three necks!

Maybe it’s 'cause he’s full of bile
And sports a snide satanic smile
And calls us babes—and things much worse.

Here’s your answer, Rush, in this little verse.


Edited to Add:
From A Prairie Home Companion

The Old Scout: Disabilities and Delusions
By Garrison Keillor

Many thanks to Tanita of Finding Wondering for this link!


  1. Bravo, Elaine.

    Oh, he's so full of ugliness ....

  2. Thanks, Karen. He's full of ugliness--and a lot of others things that I won't mention in this comment.

  3. Tanita,

    Thank you so much for the link to Keillor's article. What a riot! I've edited this post to add a link to it.

  4. The feminazis seem up-in-arms tonight. I doubt Rush was referring to them when he said "babes". He meant women who are comfortable being women.