Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jack Be Nimble: A Rove-ian Rhyme

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Turn back the clock. Imagine you’re Karl Rove hanging out in the Oval Office with your pals President George Dubya and lobbyist Jack Jack Abramoff and some legislators. If you were prescient, you’d have a sense that Jack will one day be involved in a big scandal and that it would best for your boss if Jack isn't seen—or caught on camera—in the White House. Here’s what you, the loveable Turd Blossom, might say to Jack if you saw news reporters heading for the White House. That is, this is what you might say if you were inclined to speaking in rhyming verse.

Jack Be Nimble
(A Rove-ian rhyme in which Karl Rove hastily waxes poetic to Jack Abramoff when he sees reporters approaching the White House)

Jack be nimble…
Jack be slick.
Jack, slip out of the White House…QUICK!
I spy nosy news reporters.
You can’t be caught in Dubya’s quarters.
Sorry, pal, you just can’t stay.
Think of what the press would say!
(We’ll invite you back another day
For caviar and a prime filet.)
Head for
K Street right away!
Get back to work on
pay to play
That’s your genius, that’s your shtick.
Jack, slip out of the White House…QUICK!

From the New York Times (February 12, 2006): Photograph Shows Lobbyist at Bush Meeting with Legislators


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